[textbox title=”Sip & Paint With:” title_color=”#f484cf” title_fontsize=”40″ text_under_align=”center”]
[textbox title=”Why Are We Doing This?” title_color=”#f484cf” title_fontsize=”24″ text_content=”This event means so much to me, I felt the need to take some time away from my busy life in the shop and meet my wonderful supporters! I loved all the reactions we received when I posted the custom canvas Memo painted for my glam room, because of that I decided to throw a Sip and Paint party.

We will enjoy a lovely night with each other, sip on some fun juice and paint a cute canvas to take back home for our glam rooms, don’t forget you will receive one For Her Vanity Decor piece of your choose. How exciting is that?!

You will also automatically enter in our raffle for a chance to win one of our exclusive VS PINK Brush Holder with lots of PINK goodies!

Sip and Paint with For Her vanity will be one for the books! I can’t wait to see you there! ” content_fontsize=”16″ text_content_color=”#f484cf”]
[textbox title=”Event Details:” title_color=”#f484cf” title_fontsize=”24″ text_content=”The event will take place at Memo’sCanvas on March 30, 2019 at 7 p.m. sharp…DO NOT BE LATE!

5470 Moreno St
Montclair, CA 91763

Phone #: (909) 920-6477

” content_fontsize=”16″ text_content_color=”#f484cf”]

[textbox title=”Come and meet…” title_color=”#f484cf” title_fontsize=”24″ text_content=”In between all the sipping and the painting make sure to take a moment to stop these beauties and say hello.” content_fontsize=”16″ text_content_color=”#f484cf”]
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[textbox title=”Do Not Wait Until The Last Minute!” title_color=”#ffffff” title_fontsize=”24″ text_under_align=”center” subtitle=”Only 40 Spots Available” subtitle_color=”#ffffff” text_content=”Make sure you buy your tickets as soon as possible to secure your spot. There will be a limit of 40 seats available and once full capacity is reached they will not be any more seats available! You don’t want to miss out!” content_align=”center” content_fontsize=”16″ text_content_color=”#ffffff”][countdown end_date=”2019-03-05T00:00″ color=”#ffffff” label_color=”#ffffff” fontsize=”45″]
[mnky_pricing_box title=”General Package” price=”42.00″ time=”” meta=”No Alcohol Included” bg_color=”#ffffff” color=”#5e5e5e”][button text=”Buy Ticket” url=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fforhervanity.com%2Fproduct%2Fsip-paint-general-package%2F|||” alignment=”center”][/mnky_pricing_box]
[mnky_pricing_box title=”Wild Package” price=”54.00″ time=”” meta=”Alcohol Included & Extra Raffle Entry” bg_color=”#ffffff” color=”#5e5e5e”][button text=”Buy Ticket” url=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fforhervanity.com%2Fproduct%2Fsip-and-paint-wild-package%2F|||” alignment=”center”][/mnky_pricing_box]