Our Story

Hello dolls! I am the owner of forhervanity.com and I absolutely love makeup! I started my own beauty room a while back but was very dissatisfied with the acrylic organizers that were available on the market. I wanted my organizers to be different, unique and to display my makeup while decorating my beauty room all at once. And that’s exactly what I did!!

I want to change the way girls think when it comes to organizing their makeup, we spend so much money on nice high end makeup, only to shove it into a bag or a drawer. Why? I have made it a personal goal to provide organizers that not only organize and display your makeup but make it conveniently available and provide a beautiful aesthetic look that fits your style and personality! Doesn’t that sound much better than having the boring old acrylic organizers we’ve all suffered through?

We currently offer a few themes but will be adding many more in the coming months and years and I would love to hear your suggestions and ideas regarding what themes you would like to see added to our collections.

Please take a look around in my shop, I am sure you will find an organizer that catches your attention! I am here if you have any questions xoxo