Pre-Purchase Information

Please make sure you read prior to making any purchase. This information is VERY important and will answer most questions about our products, shipping, processing, color options, and more. However, if you still have any questions please feel free to message through our contact us page and we will address it in a timely manner. Thank you.

Can I make changes to my order?

NO, once an order is placed there will be no changes made. Orders get processed and made exactly how options are chosen at checkout. So please make sure your items and colors are exactly what you want before clicking “submit”

Do you do custom orders?

We don’t do custom orders but SOMETIMES we can accommodate to small changes depending on circumstances. Any request for custom changes needs to be approved by us BEFORE submitting your order, there has to be a conversation to receive either a “yes” or “no” answer from us & instructions on what to write on notes before check out. Those specific instructions let us know there was an approval by us to accommodate those custom needs. Without any legit approval your request on notes will NOT process and your order will ship out exactly with options chosen.


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What is Glamour Glitter?

Our Glamour Glitter is our famous glitter that is sprayed on your painted organizer.

We highly recommend adding Glamour Glitter because not only it makes your organizers look extra prettier, it acts as a seal so it protects the paint, it gives it a final smoother look & its makes it easier to clean your organizer.

Glamour Glitter can change the original color. It has a sliver tone. Please make sure to check out our Instagram highlights to look at the colors with added glamour glitter.

Where can I see color option?

Learn more about our Color Options Click this link.

Please make sure to read ALL our info on shipping!!! Click for link

Please see our shipping policy for full details.

Can I return/exchange sale items?

No! Sale items are final sale! No returns or exchanges! *Sale items might be defective*

Limited Edition items info....

Excluded from free gift offer, non-refundable & are final sale items. Limited Edition products has shipping date on product description, if you order other items with a limited edition product all your items will ship together on stated date.

My organizer has a texture to it, is that normal?

Yes! keep in mind we are painting directly on wood that has been cut, sanded & prepped there can be some texture on the finish product.

My organizer has a little paint on the bottom is that normal?

We don’t paint the bottom of our organizers the way the rest of the organizer is painted but yes, your organizer may have a little paint on the bottom.

That is not always the case but it can happen. The way the organizers are positioned during painting process and moved around may cause some paint to get underneath.

What's the best way to clean my organizer

Make sure to clear any visible dust from your organizer with a duster or a soft dry cloth then wipe with a damp soft cloth.